The warm weather is finally here, and it’s time for everyone to pack their bags and travel!

If you don’t want to travel anywhere basic or want somewhere fresh and new to explore, there’s a hidden wonder right in New Jersey that is just waiting to be explored.

Stacker ranked all of the hidden wonders found in each state and this is where they insist you need to travel to if you’re living in or just visiting New Jersey.


The list is basically just a bunch of places you’d only be able to visit if you were a local or knew a local. I have to say, these wonders are hidden for a reason because I’ve never heard of this place and lived in New Jersey since I was born.

If you’re into exploring spooky destinations, then you’d love to see New Jersey’s hidden wonder that made this list. Other states like New Mexico have scenic landmarks and others have quirky monuments, but of course, New Jersey’s wasn’t quite as wholesome.

According to this list, says the best-hidden wonder in New Jersey to explore is the Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital. I personally have never heard of this before, but if you’re into spooky abandoned buildings and just like that aesthetic, this will definitely interest you.


I have to admit, it looks like such an interesting place to explore just because you know there is so much history here. The hospital was built in 1977 and was abandoned by 2012, where it now remains a hidden gem destination for the state.

The Abandoned Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital is located on Edna Volpe Road in Glen Gardner, New Jersey. You can see pictures of it here!

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[WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter private or abandoned property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing.]

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