The Pro Mover Reviews' new 150 destinations list came out with the "must-see" holiday celebrations in every state and I noticed that New Jersey was mentioned 3 times!  I love these ideas!  Here is what the list featured for us in New Jersey...

Holiday Adventure at Liberty Science Center

This place makes learning fun (my kids love it)!  They have a Snowman Riddle Scavenger Hunt game, a Holiday Dance Party Experiment, a fun Snowflake Maze outside and a Sock Skating Rink!  It's an ice rink made out of synthetic cool it that?

What I love about this place is that they slip learning into the fun the way I hide vegetables in my homemade gravy.  No one even knows your getting the good stuff because it is such a treat!  When you go on that outdoor snowflake maze they are teaching you science the whole time!

This is really a very fun place to bring the kiddos, especially at Christmas...but WAIT...this holiday event is worth the drive too...

You don't want to miss Dicken's Days in Clinton, NJ.  The whole town relives the Victorian-style Christmas form years past. There will be traditional carriage rides through the little town and actors are in period costumes strolling the streets!

Last but not least, The Smithville Holiday Light Show On The Lake shows off more than 120 unique Christmas Trees in a light show that is paired to music!

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