We’ve all done something we’re not particularly proud of, right? Everyone makes mistakes. For one New Jersey diner, a recent bad decision apparently led to a series of incidents that can be chalked up to bad karma.

The thief wrote in a note that they recently took a ketchup bottle from the Perkins in Lacey Township (Ocean County) because they were as “square as they come,” and thought it would be “risky.”

The thief said that a few hours after the ketchup heist they crashed their car and since their they said their “karma, luck and life have been s**t.”

So they returned they tried to reverse the bad luck by returning two full bottles of ketchup to the restaurant along with a note apologizing for the incident. The note was shared in the Lacey Township Chatter group.

The woman who shared the photo wrote: “you are forgiven.”

So next time you think about making a bad choice, perhaps, remember the ketchup theft from Lacey Township. It’s not worth it.

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