New Jersey's favorite condiment is vodka sauce, but any vodka sauce. The data suggests that it's Bertolli's brand that got crowned the favorite condiment of the state. Residents in Pennsylvania favor Heinz ketchup as their condiment of choice.

I saw the full list on News 12 New Jersey, and the data came from a product review website, Influenster. The way they found the top winners for each state was by looking at over 50,000 reviews and ratings from around the country.

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I know when I think 'condiment' I immediately think of ketchup, but in NJ, my home state, vodka sauce was the winner. I'm not surprised when I think about it because there is a big Italian-American presence in the state. I can personally tell you I've enjoyed many dishes of penne with vodka sauce, and they were fantastic. Maybe it was because of the Bertolli vodka sauce. I personally do not cook, so I can't confirm or deny that maybe it's the secret ingredient to a tasty dish.

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Some other states's favorite condiments on the list were:

- New York - Nutella Hazelnut Spread

California -  Huy Fong Foods Inc. Sriracha Chili Sauce

Delaware - French’s Classic Yellow Mustard

Oregon - Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

West Virginia - Hidden Valley The Original Ranch Dressing Buttermilk

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