It's official! Zac Clark is the winner of this season of the Bachelorette. Season 16 has officially come to an end, and our south Jersey boy was given the final rose by Tayshia Adams.

Clark is from Haddonfield New Jersey and is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. He once said that he has dreams off sharing a Philly Cheesesteak with his future wife while watching the Eagles win a Super Bowl. I hope Tayshia likes cheesesteaks!

Throughout the entire season, Clark and Adams chemistry was undeniable. The most heartfelt moment was when he told her he was falling in love with her while hooked up to a lie detector test. "I hated to do that there,” he later explained to her. “I felt like that’s something I should’ve told you in a more intimate setting.”

According to US Magazine, Adams reciprocated his feelings, replying: “When you said that, I wanted to reach over and grab you ‘cause I’m falling in love with you too.”

There is no doubt that Clark is a good guy. Yes he had his struggles in the past, but he has worked very hard to overcome them. According to US Weekly, after having surgery to remove a brain tumor he got addicted to pain medicine.  From that point on he got into drugs, drinking, partying and it took a toll on his current relationship. On the show. ClaRk admitted that his wife left him after getting arrested for a DUI. That moment brought him back to reality and he took the necessary steps to get back on track.

Leading up to the finally Jennifer Stanley-George, Clark's ex wife, told US weekly that she hopes Adams chooses him. I want the best for him," she stated.  "I hope that he is the final one tonight and that they are still together."

Fans are reeling over the proposal and some even say it was the best one in the history of the bachelor. Congrats again to our fellow New Jerseyian and we wish the happy couple all the best. Check out some fan reactions below.



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