You should really move to Montana, Iowa or even South Carolina if you are trying to start dating a little more.

Really though, you should move away because a new survey found that it's super expensive to date in our area. IN fact, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York land on the top 10 most expensive states for dating.

24/7 Wall Street put together a list about the average cost of a date in each state based on the cost of two dinners, a bottle of wine, and movie tickets.

On average a date in New Jersey can cost you a little over $250. Where are you people going for dinner? That's more than a day's worth of work for some people. WOW! Just so you know (and it will not make you feel any better) dating in California is actually cheaper than it is New Jersey.

Now Pennsylvania is a little better but still not cheap. If you go on a date you should be prepared to spend at about $193, according to the survey.

If you want to be optimistic you can see it as at least that's below $200, right?

Romantic evening in the pub
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Ok, if we get into New York, now we're talking about the most expensive state to go on dates. You would be looking at close to $300 to go on a date in NY. Seriously? What special stuff do you get from all these expensive dates?

Want a bargain? Check this out: The average cost of a date in Dakotas is only about $40.  Now we're talking!

Also, just so you know, you are probably spending close to $1,600 a year on dates. Imagine all that you could do with that money you spent on nightmare dates.

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