A U.S. postal worker decided to quit while he was still on the job. As if that wasn't enough, he a TON of mail on the side of the road in Pennsauken NJ. The mail was spotted last Sunday by Facebook user Kewnoneal Bennett.

I find this story very bizarre because when they tracked down the employee to find out what had happened, they found out he resigned on September 8th. So has that mail been sitting there for over a month? Or was another employee taking his shift and they were the one who left it on the side of the road? Very weird!

So, what is going to happen to all that mail? No worries! The Post Office said they will deliver it. The mail was intended to reach the zip code in Roxborough (Philadelphia).

I'd like to say this is the reason why I haven't received some wedding gifts yet, but I live nowhere near there. So I'm guessing that some of my wedding guests were just cheapos.

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