Here's something we all know in New Jersey: It's expensive here. Property taxes, rent, gas, etc. But this year, it even extends to Thanksgiving, and the centerpiece of the dinner table: the turkey.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash
Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash
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It is the must-have at the Thanksgiving dinner table, so no matter the cost, the turkey will be bought. But the cost of a standard 15-pound turkey varies quite a bit depending on which state you live in.

In 2022, here's a crown New Jersey has won: We have one of the most expensive costs of turkeys in the country. Yay.

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Finance Buzz broke this down pretty well, in their state-by-state list of "The Cost of a Thanksgiving Turkey in Every State." 

New Jersey came in at #8 on the list of states with the most expensive turkeys. So on average, how much does the bird cost in New Jersey this year? $37.35. Which state was at the top of the list? Hawaii. Their turkeys cost $50.35 this year. The nationwide average is $34.15.

Here's the entire Top 11. We're actually tied with Massachusetts, New York, Washington and Georgia.

  • Hawaii $50.35
  • Alaska $49.85
  • South Carolina $38.85
  • Idaho $37.85
  • Minnesota $37.85
  • California $37.35
  • Massachusetts $37.35
  • New Jersey $37.35
  • New York $37.35
  • Washington $37.35
  • Georgia $37.35

The state with the cheapest turkeys? That one goes to Mississippi, which their average cost only being $26.35.

All the more reason to give your turkey the respect it deserves to get your money's worth. Don't overcook it. Don't under-season it. Don't nearly burn your house down trying to deep fry it. The cost is too dear!

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