In New Jersey, we move fast.

We talk fast, we walk fast, and we drive fast. Keep up or get out of the way.

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Jersey is surrounded by two big cities. New York and Philadelphia.

Many of the people who live in The Great Garden State are transplants from these two cities.

These folks have brought their "city" way of life to New Jersey. There should be no blame to pass around.

When you grow up in an environment, it's only natural to learn from your surroundings.

This includes the speed of life.

Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash
Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

I'm a born and raised Jersey guy.

I was born in Toms River and have lived in the area my entire life.

My parents were from North Jersey and New York City and migrated south in the '80s when the Ocean County area began to really start to populate.

I didn't think that we walked, talked, or drove fast.

That is until I visited Maine for the first time.

Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash
Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

I remember being at a grocery store with my parents and being in line.

We only had a few items and really weren't in that much of a rush.

I remember at a young age noticing how slowly the woman at the register was scanning the items of the person in front of us.

Beep...chit-chat for 5 minutes...beep...repeat.

I started saying to myself "c'mon, let's move it." I was a kid. Where did I have to be?

My parents wanted to rip their hair out they were so impatient.

Young beautiful brunette woman wearing a sweater over pink isolated background crazy and mad shouting and yelling with aggressive expression and arms raised. Frustration concept.

After thinking about it now, it must be nice to not have to be going 100 mph all of the time.

Maybe people outside of cities and outside of the tri-state area have been on to something?

However, just because we move fast, does that make people in Jersey rude?

Not necessarily.

There are a fair amount of rude people in every state, including NJ.

I'm just so tired of this stereotype that everyone in our state is a rude loudmouth.

It's just not true.

A publication called Travel A Lot decided to identify the rudest city in New Jersey.

Here's a quote:

<p>Let's be honest--you knew [city] was going to be on this list, and [city] knew that it was going to be on this list. Rudeness is just a natural part of New Jersey life.</p><p>Honestly, we're a little surprised that they didn't bend the rules and just declare all of New Jersey the rudest city in New Jersey. </p>[/pullquotes]


What is the rudest city in New Jersey?

Photo by Calvin Uy on Unsplash
Photo by Calvin Uy on Unsplash

According to Travel A Lot, it's Newark.

They didn't give any explanation as to how they came to this choice.

Newark isn't the prettiest town. It's got it's share of problems, but it's hard to say that it's the rudest in New Jersey without anything to back it up.

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