The state of New Jersey will allow terminally ill patients to end their lives. The Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act was officially signed by Governor Murphy and will go into effect as of August 1.

Under this new law, patients who have been given 6 or less month to live will have the choice on whether they would like to take a life ending prescription medicine or not. Now that Jersey has signed on to this Act, the United States now has nine jurisdictions that allow assisted suicide. The others are: California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Hawaii, Montana and the District of Columbia.

The bill almost didn't pass, however. There were many representatives who were against it. There was a fear that the medication would have terrible side effects. But according to Republican Sen. Robert Singer, after a long debate they have agreed to trust the doctors when it comes to the opioids.

"Allowing residents with terminal illnesses to make end-of-life choices for themselves is the right thing to do," said Governor Murphy. "By signing this bill today, we are providing terminally ill patients and their families with the humanity, dignity, and respect that they so richly deserve at the most difficult times any of us will face."


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