A woman from New Jersey is looking for love, and her shot in the spotlight, on a new Bachelor tv spinoff, according to OCNJ Daily.

Julia Rae, 27, who's family has a home in Ocean City, but also reside in Wayne, PA, is appearing on episodes of the new ABC show, "The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart.” The first episode aired Monday night.

Even if you've never seen The Bachelor, I'm sure you know the basic premise. There are a bunch of women after one hot, single guy's heart. In this spinoff, twenty single, musical people, men and women, will live in the Bachelor mansion, and will be looking for their soulmate, and their musical soulmate, all in one. They'll pair off and hopefully make beautiful music together forever. Lol.

Rae, who said she's always had bad luck in love, is hoping the show changes all of that and gives her musical career a big boost. As a performer, I am always in tune with auditions for shows, so I saw a casting notice for single singers and sent in my videos. From there, I auditioned in person and now here we are. Obviously, this cast is all musicians hoping to break through with their careers, and I definitely went on hoping that would happen for me.”

Rae was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and has managed it well throughout her life with daily breathing exercises, and medicines. She's thrilled to have the show to be able to bring attention to the disease and the non-profit that she created.

I'm rooting for you, Julia. Good luck.

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