Wouldn't it be nice to hit big on the Mega Million? Today, April 23, NJ.com shared that a lucky New Jerseyan hit big and won $2 million. That's so nice!

The name of the winner was not yet disclosed, according to NJ.com but it was mentioned that the winner matched all 5 numbers, only missing the Mega Ball. Let's be real, anyone would take 2 million dollars.

It was also mentioned on NJ.com that the New Jerseyan wasn't the only big winner for Tuesday's lottery drawing. There was a second winner from North Carolina.

The winning numbers were 13, 15, 24, 67, and 70. The two winners missed the Mega Ball number which was number 17. According to NJ.com, on Friday the drawing for the Mega Million is estimated at $174 million. I say we all go buy it and maybe we will get some good news during this pandemic.

NJ.com also shared that the New Jersey Lottery office is temporarily closed because of COVID-19. It will not be open until May 15.

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