This is New Jersey. We take our pizza seriously. We take our bagels seriously. And possibly above all else, we take our coffee very seriously.

Photo by Blake Verdoorn on Unsplash
Photo by Blake Verdoorn on Unsplash

So, when one coffee shop is singled out as the best in the state. It's something we take notice of. And we want to know more.

Calling one coffee shop the best in any state is a real honor. Calling one coffee shop the best in New Jersey is about the highest praise that can be given.

So which coffee shop gets the honor in New Jersey? Well, according to Tasting Table, the Garden State's best is this 'out of this world ' place in Grover's Mill.

It's called the Grover's Mill Coffee House, and it's a place that serves up great coffee, while simultaneously honoring the town's most famous connection, War of the Worlds.

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The fictitious radio show, aired in 1939 and hosted by Orson Welles, depicted the attack of Martians, who landed in Grover's Mill. It, of course, is the basis for the Tom Cruise movie.

And at the Grover's Mill Coffee House, they pay tribute to War of the World with some awesome mugs and great decor.

And then there's the coffee. They have selections like Jersey Calm, Cosmic Serenity, and Planet Peace. How could you go wrong?

So, if you really want a taste of New Jersey, make plans to make a trip to a really cool and unique place, like only New Jersey can do. Visit Grover's Mill Coffee Co.

They are located at 295 Princeton Hightstown Rd.

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