New Jersey's best homemade cannoli will put your Nonna's to shame. I apologize for calling out your grandma. She doesn't deserve to be thrown under the bus like that, but I can't lie, I really did eat New Jersey's best cannoli.

Usually, I wouldn't write about things that are outside of Monmouth & Ocean Counties, but I have to bring this up. Last weekend I went to a wedding in Mercer County. Saturday was the wedding, but Friday night was the rehearsal dinner. We ate at a restaurant that I never heard of, but you can tell it's one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Mercer County. The food was fantastic, and the cannoli that I ate was to die for. More details below!

Jimmy G - Cannoli
Jimmy G - Cannoli
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8 cannoli were on that plate. I am not going to lie, I had 5 of them. I couldn't stop eating them!

Huge shoutout to Villaggio Iccara. Have you ever eaten at this place? It's located at 104 Yardville Allentown Rd in Hamilton Township. I think it might be up there as one of the best Italian restaurants in the state. It's a beautiful restaurant that offers plenty of open seating. I was able to devour meatballs, penne vodka, skirt steak, and incredible pizza bread. Everything was phenomenal including the perfectly made cannoli.

Villaggio Iccara:

Our Family's dream has now transformed into more than we ever expected. Although much has changed, much remains the same…each day you can expect to see one of our faces, adding a personal touch to traditional Italian dining, creating an intimate experience that our family has taken pride in for 22 years. To customers past and present, we thank you for sharing in our history as well as our love of food and family. To new customers, we’d like you to come see for yourself how a true Italian family does dinner.

If you have the chance, go eat at this place, it is totally worth it. For more great Italian food & cannoli, check out these awesome NJ Italian restaurants....

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