Everyone has that one thing that annoys them beyond all else. We call these pet peeves and they can make you frustrated, irritated, and even angry. Your pet peeve could be something that someone else is doing like driving slow, biting their nails, or even burping. Or your pet peeve could be something beyond your control or anyone else’s for that matter like slow internet or traffic. Zippia looked into every state’s pet peeve so you don’t have to. The results came by analyzing google search trends, and the answers may shock you.

Of course, starting out the gate we have to investigate New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s pet peeves. According to this list, New Jersyans hate it when people burp (along with 10 other states) while Pennsylvanians, being the environmentally-conscience state that it is, hate it when people litter. Other states that share this annoyance are Arkansas, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Surprisingly, Delaware is the only state whose pet peeve is traffic. According to Zippa, a lot of states have slow internet as it is the number one pet peeve belonging to 15 states! On the other hand, the least common pet peeves are nail-biting, traffic, pessimism, laziness, and passive-aggressive behavior. Lastly, who knew children annoyed so many people? Seven states have “badly behaved kids” listed as their number one pet peeve.

There are some pet peeves that didn’t make it on this list but we think deserve honorable mentions like loud typing, spitting, and loud snoring. However, if your pet peeve is listed here, let it be known that you are not alone!


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