A website called Bid-On-Equipment.com studied Google search results to determine the most popular Super Bowl foods in each state and in the 20 largest cities in the U.S.

Bid-On-Equipment found that cocktail wieners were the most popular snack in the most number of states - 11.


Different types of dips were also very popular.  Bid-On-Equipment found that Buffalo Chicken Dip was a favorite in Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah.  Other favorite dips included beer cheese dip, blue cheese dip, and 7-layer dip.

The states with the most unusual favorites, according to Bid-On-Equipment, were Iowa (Irish Stew) and Ohio (Party Pinwheels).

And what do people in New Jersey like to snack on during the Big Game?  Apparently, it's baked nachos.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania's fav was hot cheese dip and in Philadelphia specifically, Pigs in a Blanket ranked #1.

Bid-On-Equipment also found that 43% of people watch the Super Bowl at home, 25% of people only watch for the commercials and surprisingly, a majority of people prefer to keep the game on a Sunday rather than moving it to a Saturday.

To check out the entire survey, click here.


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