In the last decade, facial hair has started to make a huge comeback and Zippia recently gathered a lot of information regarding which styles are most popular in each state.

It’s true, some men find the clean-shaven look to be worth their while but a lot of men these days are opting for some sort of facial hair. If this sounds like you or someone you know, here’s some information to help you determine which style is the most worthwhile.

Zippia found out that the beard, a classic, is still the most popular with 22 states in awe of this facial hair including Pennsylvania. It seems that classics, indeed, never go out of style. The second most popular facial hair styles are mustaches and, believe it or not, soul patches. Zippia proves that five states are into soul patches including New Jersey. If you don't know what soul patches are, its this small patch of hair that is just below the lower lip and above the chin. It's not at all cute in my opinion.

Moving on we have Arkansas, Iowa, and Wisconsin who think mutton chops should make a comeback and Massachusetts coming in hot with their love of chin straps. Although, possibly the most disturbing, and let’s be honest regrettable, facial hair style is the monkey tail beard common in Montana.

My advice is to stick with the traditional beards and mustaches but hey, if you think you can pull off mutton chops or a monkey tail beard, I’m not going to stop you.


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