It's something you can't experience in every state in America. Only states like New Jersey that are located along an oceanfront can be home to fantastic seafood restaurants that are overlooking the sea. So for great seafood, you can't beat a state like New Jersey because we have a beautiful oceanfront along the Atlantic Ocean.


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According to Taste Atlas, here are the TOP 10 most popular seafood dishes in America:

Shrimp and Grits

Boiled Maine Lobster


Shrimp Cocktail

New England Clam Chowder

Lobster Roll

Fish Fry

Surf and Turf


Crab Cake

 Alexandra Tran Alexandra Tran



We have many fantastic seafood restaurants here at the Jersey Shore, but one was singled out by Lovefood as the "loveliest small-town restaurant" in the Garden State and it's at the very bottom of the state in beautiful Cape May, New Jersey.



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According to Lovefood, "The same family has been welcoming diners at the Lobster House in Cape May for three generations. Overlooking the New Jersey shore, the dockside diner has its own fleet of fishing boats and serves fresh catches throughout the year. It’s worth a trip for the freshly shucked oysters and crab cakes alone." wang xi wang xi



Have you dined at the Lobster House in Cape May? It's located right at the beginning of town as you come off the Garden State Parkway and you make your way over the causeway into Cape May on the left. If you have visited, give us your review and recommendations. Post your comments below.


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