The Robbinsville Police Department will be welcoming a new officer in a few weeks, according to TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville.

This new officer is a cutie. Lol. He's an adorable, male, yellow Labrador. Yes, there will be a new K-9 dog on the force, with a specialty of sniffing out drugs. The dog is coming from Iowa, and will be matched up with Sergeant Scott Kivet.

This isn't the first K-9 officer for Robbinsville. The new dog will be the third for the police department. One of the other K-9 officers, Quori, was trained to sniff out marijuana, and now that it's legal, he can't be used for probably cause searches anymore, Robbinsville Chief, Chris Nitti, said in the article. The new K-9 dog is being trained to detect the scent of heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, MDMA and methamphetamine. Don't worry, Quori will still be an important part on the Robbinsville police force. The dog will be used to search for missing people.

Rigo, Robbinsville's other K-9 pup, is at Robbinsville High School most of the time, partnered with School Resource Officer, Patrolman, Ed Vincent.

The name of the new K-9 officer isn't known yet, but, I'll keep you posted. Be on the lookout for the department's new furry friends in mid-May.

I didn't realize the cost associated with a new K-9 officer. At last week's Robbinsville Township Council meeting, a donation of $15,350 was approved from the Legacy Treatment Services Foundation to cover the expenses, the article states. Wow.

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