Philadelphia night owls, this one's for you! Alex Holley and Thomas Drayton of Good Day Philadelphia are the new hosts of a late night show coming to a television near you next month. According to Philly Voice, the new show will be called “The Feed AT Night” and will begin airing on January 4th and 12:30 a.m.. The show will be half an hour and air on the local news station Fox 29. Holley and Dayton will give a brief round-up of topics that are trending on social media. They’ll also be giving their opinions on the news stories they share and show trending videos.

“The Feed AT Night” also promises to appeal to a variety of audience members. The trending topics that will be discussed on the show are news, entertainment, culture, sports, and lifestyle. There will also be notorious Philadelphians, celebrities, and newsmakers as guests on the show and they will be giving their thoughts and opinions on the trending topics that are discussed. Philly Voice, reports that there are already segments in the works for the show. The segment names that have been announced are “Bad Day,” “Delete Your Account,” “Sliding in DMs,” and “Nosey Neighbors.” The late night show is being modeled after post-game shows, such as “Eagles Outsides” and “Sixers Outsiders” where social media discussion is involved greatly.

This late night show seems to be just what social media lovin’ Philadelphia residents need. Do you plan on watching or will you be fast asleep by time it airs?


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