If you've ever been pulled over for this minor infraction in Pennsylvania, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

In a round of new laws now in effect in 2023, Pennsylvania is cutting some slack on one of their license plate laws. As of Jan 1, 2023, police can no longer pull over drivers whose license plates are partially obstructed.

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BUT. That doesn't mean you can cover half of your license plate. As long as identifiable information is still visible on your Pennsylvania plates, such as numbers and letters, you will still be in compliance with the law.

Last year, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed HB1486 into law, which amended a section that formerly made it illegal for Pennsylvania plates to be obstructed in any way, making it subject for police to pull drivers over.

The bill was introduced after the State Superior Court upheld a ruling following a 2021 traffic stop when a tour bus was pulled over because their website was obstructed by the license plate frame, according to WGAL.com. Now, as long as the license plate number is clear, legible, and visible, vehicles will still in compliance with the law.

So if you have a Pennsylvania license plate frame with some extra decor or pizzazz, that covers some of the plate, AND it doesn't cover that important identifiable information - you're good! You can take a look at the entire bill and the amendment HERE: 

And you can check out an overview of the other new laws in effect in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware below:

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