"Watch the Tram Car Please!" is something you've heard a million times if you've ever been on the Wildwood boardwalk. If you've never been, you might be thinking, why is their a tram car on the boardwalk? Well, the Wildwood boardwalk is actually about 2 miles long, so it can be quite the hike! The Wildwood Sightseer Tram Car has been around since 1949 and can be used as a sightseeing trip, or just a way to get from one end of the boardwalk to another. It'll take 30 minutes to go one way on the boardwalk and only costs $3.00. Last year,the tram car celebrated it's 70th season and offered rides for 10 cents! That was the original price of the tram back in that day.

Because of this iconic tram car that drives up and down the boardwalk, Morey’s Piers thought it would be a great idea to build a family friendly roller coaster inspired by it. The coaster, set to open this summer, will replace the Flitzer Roller Coaster. The Flitzer closed last September after being on the boardwalk for 35 years. Cheers to the Wildwood Sightseer Tram Car getting the recognition it deserves! I won't be riding it myself (fear of rides & heights), but I can't wait to see it when it's all done!

Credit: Morey's Piers & NJ.com