A new kind of retail store just set up shop at Moorestown Mall in Burlington County. It's called Turn 7 Liquidations, and its merchandise reportedly turns over every seven days!

Turn 7, the brainchild of Formal Mills founder Rick Forman, opened its doors on Thursday in the former Lord & Taylor department store at the mall.

The store's inventory is reportedly comprised of items that have been returned to the six largest retailers in America, according to Courier Post, including clothing, electronics, furniture, footwear, toys, computers, sporting goods, and home goods. Prices range from $1 to $100.

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A description on Turn7.com reads a lot like a Forman Mills commercial might sound:

"$100 products for $7 ... $5 ... $3? … Turn 7's bins are overflowing with Electronics, Furniture, Appliances, Toys, Bed, Bath & Beauty, Sporting Goods, School Supplies, Home & Garden, Artwork, Jewelry, Automotive, Books … yeah... we have EVERYTHING!"

The store reportedly receives truckloads of merchandise every week. Shoppers are encouraged to strike while the iron is hot if you see something you like, because it most likely won't be there the next time you go back.

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