An article on says that when a new Giant Heirloom Market opens next month in Philly, it will have a very unique underground taproom.

Unlike traditional Giant grocery stores, says Giant Heirloom Markets offer "locally made products, fresh produce and goods under the store’s Nature’s Promise brand."

This new Giant Heirloom Market, which the article says is scheduled to open on Nov. 15, will be located on  N. Second St. and will feature an underground taproom that will offer "more than 40 craft beers, hard seltzers, wines and hard kombucha on tap."

The article also says that the taproom will feature "classic arcade games, shuffleboard and a Scrabble Wall." says that In a press release, a representative from Heirloom Markets said that they hope the underground taproom will be a place for people "to unwind, get a casual bite with friends, maybe have a drink or play a game "

To find out more about Heirloom Markets, click here.

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