As a die-hard sports fan, I have caught myself complaining about something that is not going right with my favorite sports teams.

Let's be real, we all have complained about the referees when things are not going right for our favorite team but do you think you are a part of the fanbase that complains the most?

If you are a New York Knicks fan or a Brooklyn Nets fan, you are a complainer and take one of the top spots on the list of fans that complain the most about National Basketball Association officiating.

The Twitter account @betonline_ag recently created a list of "Complaints About NBA Officiating." On that list, the New York Knicks fans take the 2nd spot and Brooklyn Nets fans take the 3rd spot as some of the biggest complainers.

According to Yahoo News, this list was put together by collecting a bunch of fan tweets. Every tweet that was collected for months by BetOnline were "negative tweets about the calls made towards each team in the league."

If you are curious to know where the Philadelphia 76ers land on the list of "Complaints About NBA Officiating," the Sixers take the 20th spot out of 30 teams. That is not too bad.

The list of teams with fans that complain the most has the Los Angeles Lakers as the team with the fanbase that complains the most. As a Los Angeles Lakers fan, I feel disrespected by this list.

Portland Trail Blazers' fanbase complains the least in the entire league.

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