Every couple of years or so, there's a new beauty trend that everyone obsesses over. For the last few years, big and bold lashes are in. The big lashes that you get not just from mascara, people get lash extensions to achieve the big bold lash look. Lash lounges are opening up all over the place and one that is very big in Philadelphia has just opened up a location in Newtown.

According to The Patch, a lash bar from Philadelphia named Beaudee Lash Bar, has opened up in the Village of Newtown South. According to The Patch, this lash bar was first established in 2016 and are very excited to bring their lash bar to Newtown.


So, if you live in Newtown or nearby, check out Beaudee Lash Bar in the Village of Newtown South and get yourself some sweet lashes. They are running specials for new customers and the owners are encouraging you to stop by.

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