We all know about one of the nation’s biggest problems. After this weekend’s mass shootings in Texas and Ohio claimed so many lives, New Jersey is taking the necessary precautions to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone in our state, and we are hoping that other states follow suite.

Police officers across the state have decided to increase their visibility at local, typically crowded locations such as schools and malls. For security reasons, some malls cannot specifically detail what kinds of precautions they are taking or not taking to secure their customers in order to maintain safety.

Debra Panzarella, a senior marketing manager at Freehold Raceway Mall, revealed to Patch.com in an interview that they are “…always working with the police and we’re always doing drills with police to be prepared (for an incident).

A number of towns across New Jersey have revealed that they are amplifying up security to continue maintaining the safety of their people. Towns who have chosen to comment on this include Moorestown, Cherry Hill, Woodbridge, Princeton and Somerset County police officers.

It’s certainly reassuring to know that New Jersey is so dedicated when it comes to protect its people. As a result of recent mass shootings and other, similar threats of security, it’s normal for people to feel scared and unsafe.

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