Happy Halloween! Today is the big day! Halloween is my personal favorite holiday of the year and this new stat I found out about The Garden State is making me so proud to call it home.

A new list was just released by Lombardo that gives some insight into where each U.S. state ranks when it comes to the most Halloween decorative states. It really put each state on blast and showed which states have the biggest Halloween fans and which have a ton of houses that are slacking in the Halloween department!

I would have to guess before reading this map that New Jersey would rank pretty highly on this list. I feel like there are so many pumpkin patches, haunted houses, haunted hayrides and so many more fall activities that get everyone in the spooky season mood each and every year.

Can you guess where New Jersey lands on this list?

attachment-Untitled design - 2023-10-31T172240.892

New Jersey has been ranked #3 on the list of the states that decorate the most for Halloween. #1 on the list is Utah and #2 is Illinois! I have to say, being ranked at #3 is so impressive.

I feel most of us would think Salem would take the cake, but that’s not true! Way to go for having some Halloween spirit, New Jersey!

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