In a really strange story, a man from Rumson has been charged in Louisiana with eating a woman’s pet goldfish and later texting her a picture of the toilet he had used to defecate telling her that’s where her fish was.

The woman barely knew the man, Maxwell Taffin, who had been allowed to stay in her dorm room with her ex-boyfriend for a college football game. According to TV station WBRZ, Taffin was leaving the woman’s room when he told her to check her fish tank. When she did, she noticed that her pet goldfish was missing. He later texted her a photo of a toilet filled with feces with the caption, “found your fish.”

He admitted to LSU police that he had eaten the fish, but denied sending the poop picture, saying that many people had access to his phone. He was taken into custody this week for the incident that took place in 2016. He was reportedly charged with cruelty to animals and improper telephone communications.


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