Congratulations to Burlington County native Josiah Pippel  who just qualified for the quarterfinals on American Ninja Warrior Junior. At 13 years old standing at 5 feet 11 inches, Pippel was able to complete all of the tough obstacle courses this season. His tall frame prompted the nickname “the Junior Giant.” The name was officially given to him during the qualifying round where his performance has the show announcers going crazy.

Pippel is from Moorestown New Jersey and has stated that he is a very shy person. According to, he says that he feels more comfortable hanging out with his pets rather than real people. Pippel has 5 pets in total; 2 iguanas, 2 bearded dragons and 1 Chacoan white-headed tegu. However, he said that training for American Ninja Warrior Junior has forced him to step outside of his comfort zone and overcome his shyness.

“I love hanging out with all my reptiles, but I’m most happy when I’m on the Ninja course,” Pippel said. “If you’re shy, just don’t let it stop you,” he said. “Get out of that bubble and just have fun."

Pippel has always been die-hard  fan of the competition show. His mom even said that he lives and breathes Ninja. According to, he has been competing in the National Ninja League since he was 10. He even competed in UNX (an adult competition league) and the UNAA earlier this year.

In Pippel's spare time he likes to design and build robots with the Moorestown First Lego League robotics team for different competitions. Not only that, he can design and build his own Ninja obstacle courses that he uses for training.

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