Justin Bieber admitted that he once detoxed at his pastors home in New Jersey.

Bieber revealed not too long ago that he struggled with a very dark drug problem. In an even more recent interview with Vogue, the singer admitted that he spent some time living with celebrity pastor, Carl Lentz for an "informal detox" in 2014 after not only abusing Xanax but also sex addition and struggling with depression.

Residents of Upper Montclair, NJ reportedly spotted Bieber around town at shops and playing basketball in 2017 while he was spending time again with Lentz. Since then, the Biebs says he hasn't used drugs since.

According to nj.com, "Bieber moved in with Lentz for several weeks and played basketball, hockey, and soccer with the pastor. He also interned at the Hillsong NYC mega-church — a modernist organization led in part by Lentz that meets in venues as large as Barclays Center in Brooklyn — to re-establish his faith."

“Just thinking about music stresses me out, I’ve been successful since I was thirteen, so I didn’t really have a chance to find who I was apart from what I did. I just needed some time to evaluate myself: who I am, what I want out of my life, my relationships, who I want to be—stuff that when you’re so immersed in the music business you kind of lose sight of.” Justin Bieber said via patch.com.

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