Breakfast food! What's better than sitting down at a casual, cozy restaurant and enjoying a fluffy stack of pancakes, crispy bacon, eggs and hot coffee?

There are undoubtedly SO many amazing breakfast spots in New Jersey, what with all of our diners! Breakfast food is kind of one New Jersey's specialties. Personally, I wouldn't want the task of having to name the absolutely best breakfast spot in the whole state. There are too many good ones!

Photo by Davey Gravy on Unsplash
Photo by Davey Gravy on Unsplash
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But what is the best breakfast spot in New Jersey?, a source for everything food, restaurant and recipe-related, has an idea, as shown in their list of "The Best Breakfast Restaurant in Every State."

So who have they crowned as the best restaurant in New Jersey in 2022? *drum roll please!*

Congrats to Raymond's in with two locations in Montclair and Ridgewood!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here's what Mashed has to say about Raymond's:

"With locations in the cities of Ridgewood and Montclair, their all-day breakfast options include Eggs Norwegian with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce and the Steak & Eggs, which comes with wonderfully spicy jalapeno chimichurri. Go there once, and don't be surprised if this restaurant with its super cool 1930s decor becomes your must-have restaurant when you're craving an epic breakfast."

Raymond's takes their breakfast game up a notch, serving up breakfast favorites, like Eggs Benedict, Belgian Waffles, Buttermilk Pancakes, and Steak & Eggs.

And clearly they take things up a notch by making classic favorites a little more upscale. Look at the quality of this food!

They serve breakfast Mon-Fri 8am-3pm and brunch Saturdays and Sundays. Check out there full menu HERE!

What do you think? Have you ever been to Raymond's? What your favorite breakfast spot in New Jersey? Sound off in the comments!

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