Well, the time has come! 2023 has arrived, the holidays have come and gone, and we're back at work. Now comes the part where it's time to de-holiday the house, which means throwing away the tree and... taking down the Christmas lights from your house - not a fun chore when it's cold outside!

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But not everyone takes their decorations down at exactly the same time. Are you the person who takes them down right after Christmas dinner, or are your lights still up at Easter?

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Ok, maybe you're not that extreme! But when are you taking down your decorations this year in New Jersey?

I came across a thread on the New Jersey subreddit: "So when do we officially take down the Christmas lights and decorations in NJ?"  And New Jerseyans chimed in and discussed when they're taking down their holiday lights, trees, etc. Here are some of the most popular answers!

You takin' advantage of warm weather like this guy?

Pretty legit reason to leave them up until the end of January!:

Hanging onto the holiday spirit just a little bit longer:

Do you wait for Three Kings Day?

Or Orthodox Christmas?

Listen to your heart! ...But maybe not if it tells you to wait until April.

Which ones do you agree with? And what about your decorations?There's no right or wrong answer. (Maybe.) Don't be afraid to chime in in the comments!

Until next year!


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