Krystle Platzer says she found maggots in her bacon, egg, and cheese croissant sandwich that she ordered at the Dunkin Donuts on Route 88 in Lakewood earlier this week, according to a report from our sister station New Jersey 101.5.

The Brick mom says that she found a worm, larvae, flies and a gnat in her breakfast sandwich while eating it at home. Platzer says that he 3-year-old son had already eaten his sandwich, which she ordered at the restaurant's drive-through on Thursday (October 18).

"I screamed then opened it up and really look at it and saw different kinds of bugs," Platzer told our sister station NJ101.5 on Friday. "Dead and alive, raw bacon, gnats, flies, maggots, and a large black worm."

Woman Alleged Bad Sandwich Served at Ocean County Dunkin' Donuts
Krystle Platzer via NJ101.5

Dunkin' Donuts officials told NJ101.5's reporters over the phone that "food safety is a top priority and nothing is more important to us than our franchisees operating clean and safe restaurants."

Once Dunkin' Donuts heard about this they quickly sent a certified Operations Manager to the Lakewood store to confirm all food safety and quality standards were being followed.

The store owner did meet with Krystle to apologize for the poor experience and agreed to check the store's security cameras to see how the insects got into her food.

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