This is pretty cool. wanted to find the most popular holiday songs in New Jersey so they took to their social media followers to build a Christmas playlist on Spotify.

I'm sure you can guess a few that made the cut - I mean, they are pretty much classics.

One thing we can say for sure us Mariah Carey - "All I Want for Christmas is You" tops the list, not surprise there. That song is like everyone's holiday favorite (including me!).

Others who made the NJ holiday playlist list are Michael Bublé, John Legend and can't forget the oldies but goodies like Feliz Navidad and Silent Night.

I love it! Take a listen below!

... and of course, if you're not feeling this playlist (which I highly doubt) or just need the Christmas songs to keep rolling, you can always download our brand new 94.5 PST app list to our Christmas Channel!

Happy Holidays!


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