People on TikTok are trying to get Sephora’s attention and are desperately crying out for help. We all remember the first time our parents allowed us to wear makeup.

I remember being so excited to wear some pressed powder and some mascara to school for the first time. I felt like I was on top of the world. Kids nowadays are experiencing that same feeling, just a bit younger I feel.

There’s a trend right now on TikTok where kids that are on average the age of 10 will go online and review different skin care products. I’m not talking about Elf or Revlon, either. The Sephora Kids trend is huge right now and kids have been getting their hands on some shockingly high-priced skincare and makeup products, like Drunk Elephant specifically, that I don’t even allow myself to buy.

That’s not the point though. Kids should be able to experiment with makeup and get into appropriate skin care when the time is right, but The Sephora Kids trend is getting to be a little much for Sephora workers and shoppers.

Since this trend has spiked in popularity online, Gen Z and Millenials have been posting their recent Seohpra experiences on TikTok and the content has not been pretty.

Lots of Sephora stores have been getting cluttered, the “Test” products in lots of stores are completely broken and messy and lots of people think it has to do with the younger kids coming into Sephora to jump on to Sephora Kids trend.

It’s become such an issue that Sephora workers have been trying to spread awareness online about how messy and cluttered their stores have become because young kids have been using the testers and makeup products unsupervised.

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Will Sephora require an age minimum or require young shoppers to be accompanied by an adult because of the Sephora Kid trend?

As of right now, Sephora has not spoken on the matter and there are no rules in effect when it comes to age minimums or age rules.

Who knows what the future will bring, although we do know that this Sephora Kids trend is not going anywhere, is it fair to say who can and cannot shop in the store?

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