The Patch reported yesterday afternoon that Sephora will be coming to the Kohl's in Hillsborough this fall and people are really excited about it. The big Kohl's on 206 in Hillsborough should be home to a new Sephora store in the front of their store by fall of 2021. Sephora stores will be added to hundreds of Kohl's stores across the country. Another added bonus, Kohl's will also be selling Sephora products online. Now, will you be able to use those awesome Kohl's coupons on Sephora items? I'm guessing no, but we won't know until it opens.

Sephora is an extremely popular store among make up enthusiasts. It's competitor Ulta is equally as popular. I do like the knowledge of the people who work there, I feel like if I walk in and need something I can ask someone and they will find it immediately for me in like 10 seconds flat. I got a make-up setting spray at Sephora once and honestly it was one of the best things I ever bought. Once I got into really doing my make-up, I wanted it to last and I heard that the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray was one of the best. I still have it, it's awesome. I use it when I want my make-up to last a while. I just apply my make-up completely and then spray my face with the spray and my make-up usually lasts awhile, if not all day. I walked into Sephora and bought the spray and even the girl working there said it was one of the best on the market. Happy purchase for me.

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