Sephora held diversity training Wednesday morning due to an unfortunate incident that happened about a month ago with NJ Grammy-nominated artist, SZA.

On May 1st, a Sephora employee from the Calabasas location called security on the singer-songwriter because she thought she might have been stealing. Many of her fans responded to her tweet sharing their opinion and supported her throughout this whole situation.

SZA quickly took to Twitter to share about what had happened to her. Sephora responded to her saying "We're sorry to hear about your experience at our Calabasas store and appreciate you bringing this to our attention".

According to, Sephora shut down its U.S. stores, corporate offices, and distribution centers in order to hold "inclusion training". After SZA posted about what had happened, many others followed in her footsteps sharing their similar experiences. One user said "I was also racially profiled at a location and I haven’t been there since".

The company had already launched a diversity campaign titled "We Belong to Something Beautiful". As stated by, " A representative clarified the training will only last an hour at its stores".

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