Very cool news.

Say bye-bye to wild and exotic animal acts at your local New Jersey circuses because it has been totally outlawed as of last Friday effective immediately.

Yes, last Friday Govner, Phil Murphy signed "Nosey's Law" which makes New Jersey the first state to ban these animal acts.

According to, "Nosey's Law" was "named after a 36-year-old African elephant used in traveling circuses across the country that animal rights groups say was abused and neglected by its owner."

Not only will this act apply to circuses but also carnivals, petting zoo, fairs and more.

NJ of course is the first to place this act into justice and other states are considering doing the same including our neighbor Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Hawaii and New York.

Gov Murphy commented,  “I am proud to sign ‘Nosey’s Law’ and ensure that New Jersey will not allow wild and exotic animals to be exploited and cruelly treated within our state.”

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