Welp. Day 1 of the NJ ban on single-use plastic bags is behind us.

Even though we've known this was coming months in advance, I was still surprised at my own surprise at Wawa this morning on my way to work. After picking up my caramel macchiato (complete with a much-needed double shot of espresso) and carefully selecting my bacon croissant Sizzli, I made my way over to the check out counter. I was waiting in line when I heard the cashier ask someone ahead of me, "Would you like a free reusable bag?"

"Oh yeah, that bag thing starts today," I heard another gruff, dubious voice say from a few feet away. I could practically hear his eyes rolling.

"Huh!" I said quietly to myself. Again, I was surprised that this had caught me off-guard. After my brief pause, I then got kind of excited! Heck yeah, I wanted a free reusable Wawa bag! So when the cashier asked me if I would like one, I didn't hesitate to say "Sure!"


This is my bag. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Besides finding some other sort of bags to discard of my cat's litter box waste, I'm optimistic about the ban. Will it make a significant enough difference in the environment? Maybe, maybe not. Personally, I'm willing to make this adjustment, even if it only helps a little bit.  I'm already excited about growing a collection of cute reusable bags!

I couldn't resist checking Twitter to gauge the temperature of people's reactions. The results? Mixed reactions. I saw a few that offer an interesting snapshot of day 1 of the bag ban.

Some were irreverently funny, like this one!

Some were optimistic, like this one. I'm excited about cute bags too!

Some people hate it. To be expected, honestly.

We have theorists.

There are legitimate questions!

How are you adjusting to the bag ban so far? Let us know!

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