One way to enjoy the fall in New Jersey is to take advantage of the last of the outdoor activity season before the weather becomes unbearable.

New Jersey has some great foliage especially if you travel to North Jersey.

The mountains (yes, there are mountains here) are covered in red, orange, and yellow forestry that makes you want to go pumpkin picking and sip on warm apple cider.

Foliage at High Point State Park
Photo by Bill Doyle / Townsquare Media

Summer road trips are fun but traveling in the fall is scenic.

Lucky for us, Travel Pulse has come out with a list of the top fall travel destination in each state and New Jersey’s is not what you think.

I initially thought they would piggyback off of Airbnb’s #1 fall destination which is Ocean City, NJ.

But Travel Pulse is more about the foliage and fall feel as opposed to Airbnb, which based its decision on the summer weather well into September. You can’t beat a September beach day after everyone has left the shore for the back-to-school season.

Offshore Wind Opponents

So where can people travel to in New Jersey this fall? Right into the heart of Hunterdon County to Clinton, NJ.

Travel Pulse calls Clinton the “most delightful small town” and here’s why.

If you’re not from Hunterdon County and don’t know enough about the area, it’s home to the Red Mill, an industrial mill built around 1810 to process wool.

Red Mill, Clinton, NJ (Google Earth)
Red Mill, Clinton, NJ (Google Earth)

The Red Mill sits on the river and is so picturesque, it makes for a great Instagram post.

But aside from that, the Red Mill was restored as a Museum that you can visit.

During the fall season, you can also buy tickets for the Red Mill’s Haunted Halloween Experience.

Clinton is also home to streets of Victorian-style homes and historic churches that will give off that Halloween vibe.

Clinton Presbyterian Church (Google Earth)
Clinton Presbyterian Church (Google Earth)

If you’re into shopping, it’s the perfect small town to walk around and spend some money in.

And don’t forget to eat. There are a handful of great restaurants, coffee shops, and a vintage-inspired ice cream parlor.

So I think Travel Pulse got it right. It’s the perfect place for a drive on a fall day.

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