I am personally surprised to see this announcement being that COVID-19 cases are spiking around the country but then again, what do I know.

Starting Wednesday at 8:00 PM, the 50% capacity limit on NJ Transit will be lifted thanks to a new executive order passed by Governor Phil Murphy.

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In fact, the trains, buses, light rail vehicles and access link vehicles will resume operating at full capacity.

“As we have undertaken our restart and recovery, and as more New Jerseyans begin getting back to their jobs, we are seeing increases in ridership which are beginning to approach 50% of the stated maximum capacity of these vehicles, and we want to ensure that people are able to get to their jobs and that the system continues operating as efficiently as possible,” said Murphy.

But of course with privilege comes more responsibility.

Governor Phil Murphy also made a point to say that all riders will now, "need to wear face masks at all NJ Transit and private-carrier indoor stations as well as outdoor stations where social distancing 'is not practicable.'"

“Do it for yourself and do it for your fellow riders, do it for the men and women who are making your trip possible,” Murphy said. “Make sure your mask covers both your mouth and nose – no chin guards by the way. And, if a transit employee asks you mask up, they’re doing their jobs, please be respectful to them and your fellow passengers.”

Governor Murphy also commented saying that he does not expect everything to return to full capacity right away by any means. However, rush hour is expected to be much more crowded.
Plus, a lot of people are still working from home so there is no way NJ Transit will see the same number of travelers from the get go.
If you do travel using public transportation, hand sanitizer needs to be your best friend. There are so many common areas that a lot of people are touching and germs are everywhere.
For more information on the NJ Transit announcement, head to NJ.com.

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