With things starting to get back to normal after the global pandemic we should start to expect more traffic on highways as well as with public transportation. Speaking of public transportation, RLS Media reported that NJ Transit has brought back the services to "family-friendly destinations" such as American Dream Mall and Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari and Hurricane Harbor.

According to RLS Media, public transportation services to and from "Six Flags and weekend bus service between American Dream and the Port Authority Bus Terminal" will begin this weekend on Saturday, May 29.

It was also stated on RLS Media's website that NJ Transit will have "discounted travel packages for express bus service" to and from Six Flags Great Adventure.

If you are the type of person that would rather go down the shore instead of a theme park, NJ Transit is bringing back their public transportation services as well. We learned from RLS Media that NJ Transit will start rail services "to popular beach destinations and offers special beach packages that include admissions and transportation to select beaches" tomorrow Friday, May 28th. This rail service will be to Monmouth Park and other locations.

If you would like to save money when making a trip to the shore you will have to select the "Beach Package" at the ticket vending machine, according to RLS Media. This option will allow you to "save up to $6.50 on admission to Asbury Park or Ocean Grove beaches by purchasing round-trip train fare and a discounted beach pass for one price."

This is going to be great for those that hate fighting for parking either at theme parks or when you make a trip down the shore.

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