SOUTH BRUNSWICK – It was not an abduction — just a medical emergency that was misunderstood by a passerby.

After a bleeding woman was spotted screaming from the passenger side of a white truck cab on Route 130 on Wednesday afternoon, police released photos and video of the incident.

The truck driver and the woman are actually married. They were found Thursday at their home in Woodbridge and agreed to speak with police.

Their identity was not disclosed and they have not been charged with any crime. South Brunswick Deputy Police Chief James Ryan told New Jersey 101.5 they were able to explain to the satisfaction of officers what happened.

Detectives were able to collaborate much of what the couple told them happened, according to Ryan.

The blood was the result of the woman falling and hitting her head in the cab. Ryan said the husband pulled away in a hurry in order to get medical attention for his wife.

"She was panicked. He pulls over and she falls. She sees the blood in her hand and thought the bleeding is so significant and was thinking of her kids and she's yelling for help. He looks over and sees the blood and realizes they gotta go. They have to go to a hospital or wherever they're going to go," Ryan said.

The wife texted pictures of her wound to a friend to help assess the injury.

"She and her husband realized she could stop the bleeding herself and went to a local Rite Aid to get bandages and did not go to a hospital," Ryan said.

Images of tractor trailer cab sought by South Brunswick police 8/3/22
Images of tractor trailer cab sought by South Brunswick police 8/3/22 (South Brunswick police)

Unaware of the search

The couple went to their home afterward and were unaware that pictures of their truck were all over the media.

Ryan is grateful for all the community support including several businesses that provided security video.

"That really gave us a timeline as to where they were. We really appreciate all the people who came forward to help us," Ryan said.

Chief Raymond Hayducka also thanked the State Police, FBI and the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office.

“This case exemplifies the power of so many coming together. I want to thank the witness who first reported the incident, the dozen of tips, and Gabrielli Truck Sales staff for getting involved to find this woman,” Hayducka said.

Gabrielli provided the video of the incident that was posted by the department.

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