I just found the supposed "best diner in NJ," and I gotta say... how could they choose the best in New Jersey?

There are so many fabulous diners throughout the state. Now that I'm thinking about it, isn't New Jersey the diner capital of the world? Just kidding. Although, it deserves to be.

Diners are the best. The menus are usually huge, making whatever you're in the mood for available.

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If you think you have New Jersey's best diner in your neighborhood, you're probably wrong. In fact, it was a diner that I hadn't heard of yet.

I know what you're thinking. I too would have thought for sure that New Jersey's best diner is in Mercer County. I could name a dozen at least that are fabulous.

Maywood Pancake House in Maywood, NJ Named Best Diner in the State

So, which one took home the title?

Well, Mashed has named Maywood Pancake House the best diner in the Garden State.

It's up in Maywood (Bergen County) at the tippy top of the state.

"While most diners focus on rich comfort food, this restaurant offers plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Its breakfast menu in particular features plenty of vegan and gluten-free meals for everyone, including delicious pancakes," Mashed wrote.

Maywood Pancake House
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From breakfast to lunch their menu looks incredible because they say that the "menu was designed with today's health-conscious consumer in mind."

So they use fresh ingredients and none of it is pre-packaged. The pancakes are only accompanied by fresh fruit. Plus, the corn beef hash is homemade and the burgers are flame-broiled 100% certified Angus beef.


"From the fresh Blueberries for the pancakes to the Maryland crab cake eggs Benedict, diners can expect a distinctive culinary experience," they say on their website. 

That's the level of quality that SHOULD take home the title of the best diner in New Jersey.

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