Here's a story we've become all-too-familiar with in recent years. Another New Jersey diner is closing its doors for good.

Word has broken via Facebook community page 'A View from Evesham' that the Voorhees Diner, located at 320 NJ-73 has abruptly closed.

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As of June 8, the circumstances around the closure are a bit unclear. 'A View from Evesham' obtained messages and intel that employees were notified day of that the diner would officially be shutting down on June 5 at 2 pm. The Voorhees Diner website has even been deactivated.

Take a look at the post down below. According to people close to the story, the employees were blindsided, which is a rough blow.

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A diner with a shady past

This wasn't the first sign of trouble at the diner. In 2019 the owners of the restaurant had to pay $400k in damages to employees over a lawsuit alleging some workers weren't being paid fairly, or at all for overtime work. There were also lawsuits over allegations that the diner was “rife with misogyny, sexual harassment and unlawful behavior.”

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Google Maps

This doesn't look good for the future of diner culture in New Jersey. Within the past 7 years, a slew of other diners have closed or been replaced, including:

  • Diamond Diner - Hainsport
  • Red Lion Diner - Southampton
  • Empire Diner - Parsippany
  • Cherry Hill Diner - Cherry Hill
  • Marlton Diner - Marlton
  • Mastoris Diner - Bordentown
  • Penn Queen Diner - Pennsauken
  • Sage Diner - Mount Laurel

Will you miss the Voorhees Diner? I grew up around the corner and have to admit that it although it wasn't my favorite New Jersey diner, it was still reliable.

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