One door is closing and another one is opening in Somerdale!

StarView Diner, located at 9 S White Horse Pike, has been a staple spot in Somerdale for 25 years. But the time has come for the restaurant to close, according to its owners.

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But there's some good news! The diner has sold and will replaced by Amy's Omelette House after its scheduled closing on Jan 3.

The owners attached the official closure announcement with a sign on their building, according to 42Freeway:

"I would like to take this opportunity to announce that after 25 memorable years, I have decided to retire. I want to thank my customers and employees for their loyalty, dedication and many great memories. StarView Diner has been a success due to the support of all of you... With a heavy heart I have decided to start a new chapter. We are pleased to welcome the new establishment Amy's Omlette House."

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Google Maps

Amy's Omelette House currently has 3 locations in New Jersey - in Burlington, Cherry Hill, and Long Branch. StarView Diner will be its fourth location once they close.

There's tons of support for the owners of both establishments on Facebook!

"Love seeing changes like this happen because of retirement. Hard work deserves a relaxing break!"

"Sad to see my favorite diner go, but happy for the owners!"

"Way too excited about this news!"

"Amy’s is amazing!"

Are you excited to see Amy's opening another location? Bummed that Starview Diner is closing? Maybe a little bit of both!

Best of luck to StarView's owners! Be sure to get your last meal before they close in January!

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