I was so sad to read on Facebook that the Christmas Spectacular on the Main Street of my hometown, Cranbury, is no more.

So I'm sorry to break the bad news to you as well.

For the past 11 years, people from all over came to see the lights and give back. The local family helped raise over $125,000 for area food banks through donations and VIP tours of their amazing light display and show. The lights were incredible to see.

In fact, here's last year's display:

In fact, the family (Keith, Marina and their sons Alexander and Kristopher) were featured on the ABC Show, The Great Christmas Light Fight back in 2016. I remember watching it thinking, "my tiny, quiet hometown is famous. How exciting!"

So, why is it ending?  Well, life is getting super busy for the Cranbury family.

Their sons are now in high school and middle school. So they say with their constant activities that it's just too much for them. After all the show requires a ton of preparation and constant attention.

I totally understand that life got in the way. But what a shame, right? We'll all totally miss it. Thanks for the years of great decorations, Shaw family.

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