Sorry to say, the famous Thompson Street Party on Halloween in Bordentown won't be happening this year. The news was first reported by

There's a good reason for canceling it, though. The organizer of the event, Frank Rios, who owns a home on Thompson Street (in the center of the action) is having necessary home repairs this October. He shared the news on the Bordentown City Facebook group, saying that he couldn't put the repairs off any longer.

The neighbors confirmed the news on their Halloween on Thompson Street Facebook page on Tuesday:
"The rumors are true Halloween on Thompson Street is on pause this year," they wrote in their Facebook post. "Keep an eye out next year for our return!"

I've never been visited, but being from this area, I've certainly heard about it. Plus, it's been going over for over 16 years. I have friends who never miss it. Thousands of people check it out every year, but they'll have to make new Halloween plans for this year because it's not happening.

I'm sure there will be many disappointed trick or treaters.

Not to worry, however, because the tradition will continue next year. Rios promises that he and his neighbors will be back in 2020, and they will be putting something big together. Stay tuned.

You can check out the street's Facebook page here to watch the developments for 2020. Here's 94.5 PST's video from last year's celebration:

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