Are the rumors true? Is Amazon planning to open a second Amazon-branded grocery store in Bucks County? One store has been confirmed to open in Warrington but there is speculation that another store is in the works.

Apparently, store #2 is slated to open at the site of the former K-Mart store on Street Road in Bensalem. A spokesperson for Amazon stated that, "Amazon doesn't comment on rumors or speculation”. While the company is saying it’s a rumor, official sources say that a second store will be opening. So, what’s the truth?

According to Patch, Bensalem Township Solicitor Joseph Pizzo said that there has already been work done on the site. He told the Bucks County Courier Times that, “they're certainly swinging hammers out there."

He added that, "The developer for its reasons has remained somewhat tight-lipped, but perhaps it's the worst kept secret in Bensalem that the site is slated to be an Amazon grocery store and an Ashley furniture store. That, to the best of the township's knowledge, remains the case today as it has been all along.”

Amazon currently has two types of grocery stores--- Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go. Amazon Fresh grocery stores are mainly for middle-income customers and have a pick up and return area for Amazon Prime Packages. Now that’s the coolest part… making it so much easier to actually return the stuff we don’t want! At Amazon Go stores, there are no lines or checkouts…they use walk out shopping technology which is just so insane!


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